Applications for the OptiNeck Balance Wedge®

Home exercise and self-help

Treat the cause of neck and upper back pain and stiffness, neck-related headaches and other symptoms by restoring postural and bio-mechanical balance to your body.

I highly recommend the Balance Wedge

Using the balance wedge has now become a regular part of my day as it has been so beneficial to me in terms of improving posture and relieving tension across the neck and shoulders, especially after sitting at a computer for prolonged periods. It really does open up the chest and shoulders, so I also use it regularly before playing tennis as the exercises help with upper body mobility.

- Trustpilot review

Physio / Physical Therapies

The Balance Wedge is an invaluable addition to the treatment room and rehab programme. From the moment your patient lies on the Balance Wedge, your hands-on treatment intervention has begun.

The Balance Wedge acts like a jig, or platform on which you, the therapist can set about addressing the fundamental bio-mechanical restrictions and imbalances that drive the vast majority of upper quadrant neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions.

I have had great success in treating neck pain, shoulder impingement, and other upper quadrant conditions in much shorter time frames than usual, much to the delight of my patients. - Read more

The unique design gives you un-restricted access and freedom of movement to the shoulder girdle, helping you make a much more accurate assessment (and thereafter correction) of the articular, neural and myofascial systems, allowing you to seamlessly transition from assessment to treatment.

"The Wedge has become standard within my treatment and exercise repertoire..." - Read more

By treating your Patient while on the Balance Wedge, you can achieve multiple system and plane corrections/mobilisations simultaneously.

The accessibility of the Balance Wedge bridges the gap between the treatment room and your patient’s living room like never before. This can help your patient make quicker and better progress between treatment sessions, saving your hands and freeing up your time to focus on other areas of their rehab programme.

I have been a Physiotherapist for almost 30 years so I have seen a lot of different types of equipment come and go. Based on results observed with my Physio patients and Pilates clients I can honestly say that the Balance Wedge is highly effective in helping to gain and maintain Upper Quadrant mobility and thereby optimise mechanics through this region. - Read more


The unique design of the OptiNeck Balance Wedge opens up a wide range of new movement, mobilisation and strengthening exercise possibilities. It allows the skilled Pilates instructor to combine stability at one end of the trunk with mobility at the other.

The specific angle of inclination allows for a range of exercise progressions.

The stability of the Balance Wedge means the Pilates client has as strong and stable base from which they can effectively combine mobilisation and stretch control.

"I have found the Balance Wedge to be an invaluable tool in allowing clients to develop a greater awareness of their postural alignment.

From a client perspective, the Wedge offers immediate feedback and soft tissue release. From a teaching perspective, the Wedge has opened up a number of rehab / exercise possibilities".

- Katie Meaden - Physio and Body Control Pilates Instructor
"I use the Wedge within my Pilates classes, and all my clients have enjoyed the benefits of the mobility they have gained from using it.

The Wedge is definitely something you need to try in order to realise how and why it is effective. If you are a cynic like me, then this is for you!!"

- Emma Dodd - Physio, APPI Pilates Pilates Instructor, JEMS Practitioner
I also use the Balance Wedge with all my Pilates clients. In fact all my regulars have been so impressed with the results achieved during our sessions that they have bought one to use at home to help maintain their spinal mobility.

- Julie Penfold - Physio and Pilates Instructor

Home Working

The sudden rise in home working as a result of the pandemic highlighted the challenges working in a home-based environment poses from a physical health point of view.

The increased duration and intensity of screen use typically leads to less movement, more postural imbalance, stiffening and subsequent strain, irritation and pain.

"Lying on the Balance Wedge at the end of the day is like relief. If I go 2 days without using it I really notice it!!!" - User Feedback

The OptiNeck Balance Wedge makes brings effective exercise right into your home office. With a simple set of exercises, or even just lying on the Wedge, you can set about rebalancing your system within seconds of getting up from your desk / kitchen counter / coffee table etc.

"(The Balance Wedge) straightens me out after a long day at my desk" - User Feedback


A free moving and balanced neuro-musculo-skeletal system a fundamental building block of sporting performance, no matter what level you are competing at.

Never mind the effect of living in the information age is having on our bodies, many sports involve inherently imbalanced movement patterns. When left uncorrected, these imbalances take their toll on our bodies in a number of ways, leading to soft tissue strain, joint overloading and irritation of the neural system.

Restoring and maintaining bio-mechanical balance on a regular basis is an essential component of injury prevention and improved performance.

The Optineck Balance Wedge makes these corrections quickly and easily accessible, helping the you build a habit of balancing your body.

We have been using the balance wedge as part of our treatment adjuncts within the club and have had brilliant feedback from the players.

It is a simple and effective tool to use in clinic and has the ability for players to use the wedge independently as part of their wider rehabilitation programs.

Corrinn Rossiter- Head Physiotherapist Harlequins Women's Rugby Club.
I have perceived a marked improvement in all areas. This has resulted in improved co-ordination of my golf swing, particularly better shoulder rotation, followed by more accurate ball striking and follow-through.

The results being I have cut my playing handicap by 4 shots.

- Ann H (a happy user)

The Growing Child

Sometimes described as "digital natives", the young generation are the first to be have interacting with screens from their earliest years.

This is having an a profound effect on their postures and shape of their growing spines. Indeed in Physiotherapy practice, we are already seeing children with postures that we would previously have expected to see in much later years.

"My whole family use it including my children aged 15 and 11. Can really feel the stretch on our backs, then it relaxing (it wasn't to begin with !) However we can see the difference before and after" - User Feedback

Keeping balanced movement and bio-mechanical forces in the growing body is essential to the development of strong healthy spines and skeletons.

When regularly used, the Balance Wedge can help your child develop into a physically well-balanced adult, reducing the risk of a wide range of aches, pains and other joint problems.

Occupational Health / Corporate Well-being

The OptiNeck Balance Wedge is a great addition to any office-based gym or break out area.

The effective postural correction and relaxation the Balance Wedge allows for creates a great opportunity for improving employee well-being, clearer heads and more effective working.

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