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from pioneering patients

"Eases discomfort"

Each time I use the Balance Wedge I can feel the muscles in my shoulders and rib cage lengthen. This helps to ease the discomfort of the days physical stresses.


"I am always a little reserved when it comes to work related gadgets and tools, especially those that are new. I needn't have had any concerns. The Wedge has become standard within my treatment and exercise repertoire and the evidence, from patient feedback, is strong.

The Wedge is a sleek looking device, which appears very simple in its design, however the benefit gained from its use is much more complex. I have treated upper quadrant patients for over 20 years and have used various techniques to improve thoracic mobility, including exercises, rolled towels, rolled magazines, tape etc. None have proved as effective or as easily applied as the Wedge.

The Wedge allows perfect alignment of the spine in a relaxed position where the user does not feel as if they are lying flat. It gives fantastic proprioception of spinal movement, and together with a flow of simple exercises allows release of the anterior chain, and mobilisation of the spine, gently allowing natural correction of posture, and off loading those "hinge" areas.

I use the Wedge to treat all my upper quadrant patients, and to run through some simple exercises, after which many ask where they can purchase such a device. A huge percentage of patients who walk away with a Wedge after their appointment report continued use and can feel the ongoing benefits.

I have had great success in treating neck pain, shoulder impingement, and other upper quadrant conditions in much shorter time frames than usual, much to the delight of my patients. I use the Wedge within my Pilates classes, and all my clients have enjoyed the benefits of the mobility they have gained from using it.

The Wedge is definitely something you need to try in order to realise how and why it is effective. If you are a cynic like me, then this is for you!!"

Emma Dodd - Chartered Physiotherapist, APPI Pilates Instructor, JEMS Practitioner

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